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Welcome to Legends of Elveron the unique free online strategy game where you strive to become a legend yourself!

Join either the forces of good or evil, choose between 12 different fantasy races. Pick one of 6 unique faiths all linked to the various races. Each race offers different opportunities to rise to the top. Fight alongside your friends, against your enemies, bringing glory and fame to your kingdom. Find heroes who join your cause and lead your armies! All you have to do is to sign up...

Simulate Now! The changes for the next round have been brought online. Sign Up or Log In now to simulate, or just have fun with the "hourchange button". Also try to get a friend to join! Now is the perfect time to try out the game, during the simulation/testing period! But don't wait too long; registration for the next round will start soon. Check the announcement section in the forums for more information

Obtain Immortality!

Every winner of the land ranking has their chance to design and add their very own unique hero to this free browser-based strategy game! It is also easy to suggest improvements and changes in the suggestions forum. The Legends of Elveron administration listens to player suggestions!

Active Cheater Detection and Elimination!

Alliances, Multis and Cheaters are not welcome in Legends of Elveron. Automated and manual cheat detection systems keep multis and cheaters at a minimum! All this so that you can enjoy a cheater free strategy game.

Legends of Elveron is a free online strategy game.

Totally Free Online Strategy Game!

Legends of Elveron is a totally free strategy game played through your web browser. No downloads are required. The best of all is that there are no pop-ups, no auto-installs and very few standard, yet non intrusive, banners in the game. This makes Legends of Elveron the perfect choice of online strategy game if played from work or school! If you like the game, please feel free to donate a small sum.

Extensive Historical Database!

Legends of Elveron keeps detailed records of your kingdom's growth -- this differs from most online games. Access your kingdom history one -- three -- or even maybe 10 rounds from now! Please have a look in the archive.

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